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Horse Friendship by KHPhoto http://ift.tt/1lSSCyS
Dexterous fisherman by chibirkin http://ift.tt/1tXCYrj
Buho Real - Eurasian eagle owl by Rafael_Sanchez_Sanchez http://ift.tt/1rNEpuq
White lion by SylvieS http://ift.tt/1rZwEA1
In Harmony by akcharly http://ift.tt/1tp0pMN
sunset on the lake by SamuelJohnson1 http://ift.tt/1nSkjgM
Landed by MeaganVBlazier http://ift.tt/1oIev92
Curious Koala by smassadi http://ift.tt/1sbVo8g
Talsi by DanielsVu http://ift.tt/1ohaHXp
Ziel by sekurit http://ift.tt/1scnfVO
Carmine landing by africaddict http://ift.tt/1u7hcl4
A Marching Eagle… by Austin_Thomas http://ift.tt/1oWiGOE
Mesa Sunrise by NicholasL http://ift.tt/UEFJS6
Purple Dream by TJ_Hall http://ift.tt/1oh3x5g
*** by LuisValadares http://ift.tt/1oWiJKn

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Superb Nature

“Nature is beautiful, such beautiful must be based on beautiful facts and beautiful laws”
― Muhammad E. Osman

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