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Macro Yellow Flower(Point Reyes, California - 7/2014)
by Cam Fortin  (steepravine.com)
Mother and daughter by samg-s http://ift.tt/1opdOgu
Sunset by zahidhasan http://ift.tt/P2zPro
Sunset by saeedjabbari http://ift.tt/1lG8VlC
Feathers by TahirAbbas http://ift.tt/1r2dNpf
Two Boxers by Linux_Foto http://ift.tt/VSgGfd
Little owl in the evening sun by Eurion http://ift.tt/1ztdQMW
Sunset lagoon by FabrizioCastorina http://ift.tt/1oJM6wp
Breakfast by szocsannamaria http://ift.tt/1mKSV2h
Light of Forest by MuhammetGndodu1 http://ift.tt/1nkfCLa
Lotus by purpleinet http://ift.tt/1oMnDIg
Electric Lotus by Clashley http://ift.tt/1njEWwg
Traffic Jam by deniel61 http://ift.tt/1opngk2
The Lord of Richmond by alexandeng http://ift.tt/1nknJYj
"A Fistful of Munchies" by JohnOLeary http://ift.tt/1njFXo0

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Superb Nature

“Nature is beautiful, such beautiful must be based on beautiful facts and beautiful laws”
― Muhammad E. Osman

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