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Tough customer by rdroniuk http://flic.kr/p/n6H3Hi
d (4) by photocap http://flic.kr/p/n7qoaV
Big Dome In The Distance, Point Lobos, CA 2012 by Lone Cypress http://flic.kr/p/n6D3JP
Early Morning Kerala Backwaters by Rachel Dunsdon http://flic.kr/p/n6v3gm
Fuxy moon by Giuli Musico http://flic.kr/p/n7p6ub
Timber Creek by rozoneill http://flic.kr/p/n6LyzN
flower by thequietguy http://flic.kr/p/n6XTtM
Graceful and Elegant! by Insu Nuzzi http://flic.kr/p/n7LwhB
DSC_1486a by Kulu40 http://flic.kr/p/n7t25v
Vibrant rays by annkelliott http://flic.kr/p/n6EDev
Ipheion uniflorum by Jim Mayes http://flic.kr/p/n6wLTx
Coigach sunset light by Jon Sketchley http://flic.kr/p/n76Uwy
Cabo Huertas by pepealcaide http://flic.kr/p/n6oaB8
273 Battenoord - Bollenvelden ( Explore ) by Bas1953 http://flic.kr/p/n6hgSM
Chillin’ by jo 1966 http://flic.kr/p/n6qHM5

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Superb Nature

“Nature is beautiful, such beautiful must be based on beautiful facts and beautiful laws”
― Muhammad E. Osman

Most of these images are reblogged or come from publicly available sources on the internet.
All should be accredited correctly but message me if they are not.

If yours is a nature/wildlife blog message me and I will follow and promote you

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